Best Mini Espresso Machine Reviews 2018


Mini Espresso Machines are portable espresso makers that allow you to make delicious hot drinks instantly no matter where you are. The most well known brand is is the Wacaco range of Nanopresso's and Minipresso's. Unlike some other mini espresso machines, the Wacaco range is hand-powered meaning that they are safe and convenient for use when traveling. 

Because the Wacaco range is considered the Best Mini Espresso Machines on the market, we will take a look at their top model - The Minipresso.

The Minipresso comes in 2 variations, the GR and the NS. The difference between them is the coffee you put in them. The GR takes fresh ground coffee and the NS takes Nespresso capsules. It comes down to personal preference when deciding between the two. 

Minipresso GR & NS
Mini Espresso Machine Review

The Minipresso GR is the Mini Espresso Machine of choice if you want to savour all the varieties of ground coffee and enjoy an authentic espresso on the go. The GR is both compact and lightweight while still being sturdy making it perfect for the active individual who enjoys quality coffee. 

The Minipresso NS is the Mini Espresso Machine of choice if you want to enjoy delicious espresso quickly and efficiently no matter where you are. This machine is compatible with Nespresso® capsules taking out all the hard work of grinding your own coffee. The Nespresso capsules come ready to use - the coffee is ground, measured, and tamped with high precision leaving little room for error. Your espresso will look and taste great every time.

Todd McFarland - "Does a great job and makes a great cup of Espresso!"

Mini Espresso Machine Review - Minipresso GR

Compact & Lightweight

Minipresso has been designed to be the smallest, lightest and most versatile handheld Mini Espresso Machine. It was designed from the ground-up with travel in mind.

That makes it perfect if whether you are going away for a few hours or a few weeks.

Overall Weight 0.8 Lbs / 360 Grams


Innovative & Powerful

Minipresso was designed to be super easy to use thanks to its innovative design. It has a small semi-automatic piston where small quantities of water are injected into the coffee.

Each push increases the pressure and after just a few pushes the optimal pressure is achieved and a rich bold espresso is extracted.

Overall Length: 6.89 In / 175 mm

Efficient & Easy To Use

You have to admit the Minipresso is very pleasing on the eye. It has a sleek and modern design, packing it's ingenious semi-automatic piston inside the core.

When you want a brew, you simply unlock it from its carry position and press the piston to control the amount of extracted coffee. Simple as that.

Average Pressure: 116 PSI / 8 Bars


Convenient & Evolutive

The Minipresso was designed to be hand-powered only. Unlike some Mini Espresso Machines which require compressed air, N20 cartridges or electricity the GR works of the semi-automatic piston. 

The standard water tank is good enough for a single good size brew, however there are different capacities available ranging from ristretto to lungo. 

Standard Water Tank: 2.35 oz / 70 ml

Overall the Minipresso is an amazing piece of engineering. It is the Best Mini Espresso Machine on the market that takes ground coffee. If you are a frequent traveler and want to take your favourite coffee with you then this is perfect. The price is very affordable and the quality of coffee is comparable to the entry level home espresso machines (read our Home Espresso Machine Guide here)

The reviews on Amazon for the GR are outstanding and it is an Amazon Best Seller item. 

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