Best Milk Frother Guide 2018


What is the Best Milk Frother?

As you can probably tell, we LOVE coffee here and because of this we have looked at loads of different milk frothers. We have reviewed their capabilities, testing them thoroughly and pitted them against each other. After all of this we are confident in saying that the BREVILLE MILK CAFE is the Best Milk Frother.

The Breville is one of the more expensive milk frothers however its features and build quality is far superior to its competitors. If you are looking for a Cheap Milk Frother, then the EPICA AUTOMATIC is our 'best value for money' milk frother.

Top Pick: Breville Milk Cafe

The Breville is jammed packed with great features than none of its rivals can match. You can customize your milk temperature and density all within the removable stainless steel jug.

Best Milk Frother Buyers Guide 2018

What is milk froth?

Once upon a time in America there was just 2 types of coffee - regular or decaf. There was no espresso, no cappuccinos and certainly no barista cafes like Starbucks. Coffee was simply coffee. Thankfully this isn't the case anymore and to make great tasting coffee at home, you are going to have to froth your milk.

Best Milk Frother Buyers Guide

There are two different types of frothed milk: micro-foam and macro-foam. Micro-foam is milk that has been foamed with a steam wand and is usually used for making espresso-based coffee - you may have seen this foam as it's mainly used for latte art. Macro-foam is the opposite of micro-foam, in that it has visibly large bubbles. It is typically used when making cappuccino-style drinks.

What is an Electric Milk Frother?

There is literally nothing better than waking up to a delicious frothy cappuccino or smooth latte. It is one of life's simple pleasures and it give your the kick needed to start your day right. However in the past, if you wanted this simple pleasure then you would have to purchase a super expensive stand-alone espresso machine - costing upward of $1,000. Obviously nobody is going to fork out that kind of money just so they can have a frothy coffee at home - and thankfully you don't have to. Enter the Electric Milk Frother.

We now have Electric Milk Frothers that can quickly and easily create delicious milky, creamy foam to top your morning coffee. Not only are they 10 times cheaper than a stand-alone espresso machine, but as they only have one job - frothing milk - they do is extremely well.

What is an Electric Milk Frother

There are two different types of milk forthers - handheld and jug. Both have their pros and cons, and which one you choose depends on your needs. Let's compare them so you can decided which one is best for you.

Handheld Milk Frothers

Handheld Milk Frothers is the simpler of the two types. A handheld is basically a motorised whisk that spins at high speed just below the surface, whipping up the milk into a thick creamy foam.

One of the biggest benefits of a handheld frother is most are battery powered and due to their simplistic design, they are much more affordable than the Jug Frothers. 

One of the biggest drawbacks is that you will have to heat-up your milk separately in either a microwave or on the stove before frothing. I guess that is unless you like cold cappuccinos πŸ™‚

Jug Milk Frothers

Jug Milk Frothers take away one of the biggest pain points - having to heat your milk separately. The jug style combine the heating and frothing function into a single product. That means no fiddling with the microwave or stove and cleaning up the frequent mess. However as you would expect the price point is higher than the handheld frothers. 

A jug style mile frother works by using induction coils to heat the milk while simultaneously whisking the milk via a motor. Because they are not battery powered they can usually whip the milk into a richer, more creamy foam.

Even though they are a little more expensive, I am a huge fan of jug style. They make life a lot easier and I find that the foam is much thicker and all round better.

Now that we have the basics covered, it's time to get into the main part of this guide: What is the Best Milk Frother! I have reviewed the top 5 below and broken them down into the following categories: Best overall, Also good, Budget pick, Best handheld and Budget handheld.

Best Milk Frother Reviews 2018: Top 5


Our Rating


Buy From

Breville Milk Cafe

Best Milk Frother


Nespresso Aeroccino

Also Good


Epica Automatic

Budget Pick


Kuissential SlickFroth

Best Handheld



Budget Handheld


Best Overall: Breville Milk Cafe

Breville Milk Cafe

The Breville Milk Cafe is our top pick. Having reviewed lots of different milk frothers, this one really stood out. The Breville has the ability to create the exact form you desire, while also having some awesome features that no other competitor has.

The Good Points

One of the Breville's best features is the flexibility is allows to set both the temperature of your milk and the amount of foam you wish to create. You simply control this via the circular dial on the front and can set the temperature anywhere from cold stir to 160 degrees (70C). This may not sound like a big deal, but this flexibility is super handy when you want to create different types of drinks and is essential if you want to try your hand at latte art.

To control the type of foam you wish to create, the Breville comes with an interchangeable frothing disk. One disk is used to create micro-foam for your smooth lattes, the other is used to create macro-foam for your dense cappuccino. The Breville also has the ability to create enough foam for upto 3 cups of coffee. This is a huge capacity compared with most other frothers who only allow you to create one cup at a time. Another great feature is the removable jug which separates from the base for easy cleaning - it's also dishwasher proof. The sleek stainless steel design is very sexy and it wouldn't look out of place in a high end kitchen. 

The above points make this a great milk frother, but it's the simple things that make this the Best Milk Frother. It's the attention to detail, that seems to be a theme among all Breville products, that means using this machine is dream. One little thing is the fact that the jug actually has a spout. It may not sound much, but most of the cheaper models don't have this - they are completely circular. Having this spout makes it so much easier to pour the milk out smoothly and consistently rather than it splashing into your cup. It also comes with a very innovative lid that allows you to add sirups or chocolate to the milk while it is frothing without creating loads of mess.

The Minor Criticisms

There really is nothing to criticise with this milk frother - no honestly. We tried really hard to find flaws with this machine, and the worse we came up with: the frothing disk can come loose if not cleaned as it is held in place with magnets. However it is recommended you wash the machine after every use. You don't want to re-heat old milk as this will effect the flavour of your foam. 

Overall if you are looking for the Best Milk Frother that gives you flexibility and customisation that no other frother can match then the Breville Milk Cafe is the one for you. 



Exact temperature control

More expensive that other machines

Can control foam density

Dishwasher safe

Also Good: Nespresso Aeroccino Plus

Nespresso Aeroccino Plus

The Nespresso Aeroccino Plush is our second best pick. Having reviewed lots of different milk frothers, this product offers great value for money. When you buy a premium product it usually comes with a premium price. Premium products usually have very similar features so its best to look for value for money - and the Nespresso is the best value for money in the premium category.

The Good Points

The Nespresso is the Best Milk Frother in terms of value within the 'premium' category. It has the ability to create a deliciously dense or creamy light froth while being almost half the price of the Breville above. Like the Breville is uses induction heating to warm the milk and has two magnetised disks used to create the two different types for froth. It is super easy to use as you only have to select which disk and then press a single button to start frothing. The whole process usually takes between 70 and 100 seconds and the Nespresso creates enough foam for a single large drink (or 2 smaller drinks). 

​The Minor Criticisms

Obviously this frother is a lot cheaper than the Breville, so what is the difference. Mainly you are giving us the flexibility of customisation and a few extra features. The Nespresso doesn't give you the ability to set the temperature of your foam (it's either hot or cold). Saying that, the milk is always warmed to 140-160 degrees - this is the optimal temperature to bring out the natural sweetness in milk. If you like your milk hotter, then you could always pop it into the microwave for a few more seconds. Also the heat incline in not as stable as the Breville but it works the majority of the time so isn't really an issue.

Another big difference, is that the Nespresso isn't dishwasher safe. It comes apart for easy cleaning, however you will have to go old school and do it by hand after each use. The Breville is able to make enough form for 3 drinks at the same time, however as the Nespresso only makes enough for 1 large drink it could be a pain if you have a large family.

Overall if you are looking for a milk steamer that can create good quality foam at a good speed for a decent price then the Nespresso is for you. Typically, you get what you pay for and the Nespresso is a quality machine, it just lacks the small features you would find on the Breville.



Creates both cappuccino and latte foam

No temperature control

One push start and stop function

Not dishwasher safe

Great design

Budget Pick: Epica Automatic Milk Frother

Epica Automatic Milk Frother

The Epica Milk Frother is our best budget pick machine. It shares a lot of the same functions and features as the Nespresso Aeroccino which makes me wonder if it is a white labeled version. 

The obvious advantage of buying a white label model is that you get almost all of the same features and quality, but at a fraction of the price - mainly you pay for the brand.

The Good Points:

The Epica is basically a budget version of the Nespresso - think of it as having a lot of the same features but at a lower price point. Both milk frothers use induction heating to warm your milk. Both have the same capacity - 125ml for foam preparation and 250ml for hot milk. Both have the same two heat options - cold or hot (upto 140 degrees). And finally both are of a similar build quality being made out of stainless steel. As you would expect, when you buy a budget milk frother there will always be a few compromises, but if you want a decent machine that simply makes great froth without all the trimmings, then the Epica is a great choice. 

The Epica vs Nespresso Aeroccino

We have covered the similarities of these milk frothers above, but now lets take a deeper look into what sets them apart. The main difference is the way each machine actually froths your milk. The Nespresso uses 2 interchangeable disks that are held in place by magnets - one disk makes micro-foam and the other macro-foam. The Epica uses a motorised whisk that clips to the bottom of the jug - it is only able to create macro-foam used to create cappuccinos. Another big difference is the Nespresso is dishwasher safe while the Epica is not. It does come apart easily however it usually leaves a milk crust around the bottom of the jug, so cleaning thoroughly after each use is essential. The final difference is how you operate the machine - the Nespresso has a single button dial where as the Epica has two distinct buttons. On this front I think the Epica is actually more user friendly.

So Which One Should I Buy?

It simply comes down to budget. The Epica is usually $20-$30 cheaper than the Nespresso. It is a great milk frother and if you are looking to dip your toe into the world of frothing then it is a great choice. However if you can stretch to the Nespresso, it will allow you to grow as your skill level increases - mainly as it has the ability to create different levels of foam. It is also easier to clean and personally I think it looks a little nicer.



Very affordable

Can only make macro-form

'White Label' version of the Nespresso

Not dishwasher safe

Two button design

Can leave a milk crust around the jug

Best Handheld: Kuissential SlickFroth

Kuissential SlickFroth

The Huissential SlickFroth is the best in class handheld milk frother. It is durable, easy to use and created decent froth. 

As I have mentioned above, I personally am a bigger fan of the jug style frothers but there are a lot of people who prefer the control that comes with a manual handheld. Also they are much cheaper which is always good!

The Good Points:

The SlickFroth whisk is made of stainless steel and a tough rubber ergonomic handle that is comfy to hold. It is of solid build quality and it well put together - which means should it fall off the kitchen counter, it won't break like some of the cheaper models. In terms of ease of use the SlickFroth is super easy. You put the head of the whisk just below your milk and slide the switch forward - simple. One thing I really liked about the SlickFroth is that the torque seems much faster than other cheaper models. It gets to full whisking speed in less than a second, where as others take a little longer.

What Is The Foam Like?

So the build quality is good, it is super easy to use and it spins up quicker than other models, but how good it the actual foam? The answer is - excellent! Thanks to the great torque I mentioned above, you can make a great taking cappuccino in less than 20 seconds. You can certainly tell the different between this foam and the foam from the Epcia or Nespresso however it is much cheaper. It SlickFroth also comes with batteries, where as most models do not.



Fast torque

Have to warm milk seperatly

Very easy to use​​​​​​

Manual frothing (more control though)

Good build quality

Not dishwasher safe

Budget Handheld: MatchaDNA Milk Frother

MatchaDNA Milk Frother

The MatachaDNA is our best budget handheld milk frother

It comes in at less than $10 so it is really cheap, but it makes an ok quality froth in a decent time. 

Also is it very simple to use - mainly because it has no extravagant features.

The Good Points:

The MatchDNA is all about simplicity. It works in the same way most other handheld milk frothers - you place the whisk head slightly below the milk and turn it on, very simple. The DNA has a single on / off button so you really can't get it wrong. The foam created is surprisingly decent quality for this price point, and it is quite quick - around 30 seconds.

The Bad Points:

As you would expect, the cheapest option will have its bad points. Firstly there are no batteries included like the SlickFroth, so make sure you have a few AA's handy when you order. The next drawback is the torque speed. Even though it does a decent job it is slow at doing it. Compared the SlickFroth this feels like you are waiting forever for it to spin up to full speed.  The last bad point is the build quality. At this price you can't expect too much, and this is certainly the case - the plastic grip and stainless steel whisk feel a little flimsy in your hand. However if you are looking for a super cheap way of getting involved in milk frothing then this is a great first option.



Very Cheap

No batteries included

Easy to use

Slow torque speed

Makes a decent froth

Low build quality

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