Aicok Espresso Machine Review

Aicok Espresso Machine for Nespresso Compatible Capsule, 20 Bar High Pressure Pump, 25s Fast Heating with Energy Saving System, Programmable Buttons for Espresso and Lungo, 24 OZ, 1255W, Red & Black

A Stylish Yet Affordable Espresso Machine

If you have been searching for that perfect cup of coffee every day, without the need of spending hundreds of dollars on a machine – then the Aicok Espresso machine could be the one for you.

This machine is probably one of the easiest to operate thanks to its innovative one-touch buttons with two cup capacities (Espresso and Lungo). It can also be pre-programmed to custom volumes – important if you want to use your favorite mug! There is a stylish back-light for ease of use which doubles up as uncomplicated system letting you know the stage of your brew – blue light flashing means preheating, constant blue light means ready and yellow light flashing means empty water tank.

It has a high pressure pump, capable of delivering 20 bars, resulting in barista style drinks. Having a machine with a high pressure pump is essential for unlocking the premium aromas and delicious flavors of the coffee during the brewing process – that’s the whole point in buying a home espresso machine, right?

Before we dive into some of the most frequently asked questions about the Aicok Espresso Machine it is important to note that this machine comes with a Quality Assurance 100% 2 year warranty.

Customer Reviews

One of the most recent reviews praises the quality of the Aicok machine. They state that it beats their 4 previous espresso machines hands down. They bought this to replace a $99 Delonghi machine, which was replaced 4 times in 4 years – so we can assume this is a heavy user. They compared going from the Delonghi to the Aicok as “it’s like going P.C to Mac, it just works”.

Another reviewer purchased this machine to replace their Keurig unit and states that they will never go back. They even go as far as to state “I tell all my family and friends about it” – what more evidence do you need that this is a great machine for the price!

One review praises the machine for the quality of the coffee, which is comparable to the larger more expensive units. They state that there was no problems setting up the machine, it was easy to use and that they “love it can handle cups of small or large size by removing the drip tray.”

Overall the reviews for the Aicok are outstanding. If you are still on the edge then you can read all of the reviews here.

Questions and Answers You Should Know

Question: “What kind of pods does this machine use?”

Answer: The Aicok Espresso machine is designed to use the small round pods – specifically the Nespresso capsules – more information can be found here on the Nespresso Website.

Question: “Are the filling capacities variable and programmable?”

Answer: The Aicok Espresso machine comes pre-programmed with the standard sizes (Espresso = 1.2 – 1.88oz. Lungo = 2.39 – 3.7oz). However it is very simple to reprogram – press the (> 5s) button until you fill your desired cup and it will be saved.

Question: “Is this machine automatic? Will I need to press a button to stop the coffee pouring?”

Answer: The Aicok Espresso machine is classed as a ‘super-automatic espresso machine’ meaning that you can simply press a button and not worry. Assuming you have the correct size cup then the machine will pour the perfect cup of coffee and stop – or as the answer above states, you can pre-program to your desired cup.

Question: “How easy is this machine to clean and how often does it require decalcification?”

Answer: The Aicok Espresso machine is super easy to clean. Like most machines it does require decalcification around every 600 cafes. However there is a cool alert system which brings this to your attention – the coffee selection button will flash yellow. The user manual does a great job of describing how to clean the machine effectively. We also have some good advice on how to clean and maintain your espresso machine.


Pressure: Maximum 20 bar (as said above – super important for brewing flavorsome coffee)

Weight: 6.9lb

Water Tank: 0.7 liters / 24 oz

Power: 1255 Watt

Size: 12.4 x 4.9 x 8.8 inches


If it isn’t clear already – we love this machine. Everything from its ease of setup, ease of use and ease of cleaning makes it a hassle free espresso machine. The customer reviews on Amazon are amazing and everyone who has purchased seem extremely happy. Obviously it is missing some of the features of the larger / more expensive machines, but for the price tag it would be difficult to find something as good.

If you are looking for a simple to use espresso machine that is good quality and makes great tasting coffee every time – then the Aicok Espresso Machine is perfect.

If you have gotten this far and are still not 100% sure that the Aicok is for you, then you should head over to our Definitive Guide where we rank our favourtie 15 machines by budget; espresso machines over $1000, Espresso machines under $500 and Espresso machines under $200 – we are sure that there will be one there that suits your needs.

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